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Dance or die Cabaret - Meet us

Wellington Drag Shows
and Burlesque

The Bombay Bombshell

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Lucy Pahina Photography

A fundamental part of Wellington Drag and Burlesque, introducing the curator and producer of Dance or die Cabaret, The Bombay Bombshell.

Known for her unforgettable stage presence, plethora of looks and prowess as a tease specialist. A perfect entertainer for the occasion


Grown and raised from the Te Tai o Poutini. Now a beautiful disruption of Cuba Street and a fundamental part of our city's festivals and events. An award-winning Draglesque artist. This powerhouse is proud to invade spaces to represent POC and queer excellence. 


She has an eye for ostentatious silhouettes and have a taste for risque comedy, you will find her performing burlesque, cabaret and emceeing all around the country.  Including performing and traveling with Burlesk Dunedin and Gentle Prestige

She is your current Mx Burlesque Aotearoa 22'23" and holds numerous other titles from performance competitions

Dance or die Cabaret has brought you numerous sell-out shows including The Tease Agenda, Tonight we Tease! and Drag Show of Love.  

Get in touch for your next entertainer at your event or if you need an drag, burlesque or cabaret event made for you or your venue!


Lucy Pahina Photography


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Robin Yablind and Altra Violet

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Robin Yablind - Dave Merritt Photography

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Altra Violet - Aden Meser Photography

Always a crowd favourite with their larger-than-life looks and concepts, cheeky stage humour and polished performance style, Robin Yablind and Altra Violet have performed around Aotearoa to the delight of audiences everywhere.

They are a staple in Pōneke, being a part of everything from our biggest shows, (think Opera House, Circa Theatre) to private performances (Wētā Xmas party, The Wellington Club) to sold out shows at Ivy and Fringe Bars each weekend.


Robin and Altra have collected multiple NZ Burlesque titles, including Supreme Grand Tease, and Mister Burlesque Aotearoa. They are also a founding member of Wellingtons own draglesque troupe, the Haus of Sin, and Robin is a core cast member of the first ever drag musical for children - The Glitter Garden. 


While they have years of dance, burlesque, showgirl and drag performance and training under their belt, (such as 12 years of ballet and a diploma in Commercial Dance) Robin and Altra specialise in live performance, plus various props like burlesque feather fans, and chair dancing. They also teach their craft to people from all walks of life.


Robin/Altra's Burlesque, Cabaret Choreography, and SpecialTease classes are popular at Studio Lamour, Wellington's only burlesque studio, and they also offer Hen's Parties/private classes through the studio. 


Robin and Altra are brought to you by the same performer, so the only question now is, which to pick for your event? 

The Everchanging Boy

Bjӧrn Aslund (he, they) is a queer freelance dancer, performer and cabaret artist. Born in Karlstad, Sweden of Malaysian - Chineses, Pakeha, and Swedish - Norwegian, descent. They grew up in Aotearoa.

 A graduate from the New Zealand School of Dance, they are now based in Poneke. Where they specialize in contemporary and classical dance, and perform drag and burlesque under their persona The Ever Changing Boy.

They have an ongoing affiliated with The Ballet Collective Aotearoa, Primarily Dance, Java Dance Theatre, and LO|CO Arts. Touring nationally, and headlined the Auckland and Dunedin Arts Festivals, as well as being involved with numerous other local fringe and arts festivals.

 As a creator they have been involved in the Tempo Dance Festival, Wellington Fringe Festival, Newtown Festival, Cuba Dupa, Summer Samplers, What if the City was a Theater, and the Performance Arcade. 

Most recently devising and performing, award winning contemporary dance theater show ‘Sublime Interludes' with Tabitha Dombroski for the 2022 Wellington Fringe Festival premiering at Bats Theater, and a ReFringe season at Circa Theater.


 Jeff Tollan Photography

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